Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

Commission Negotiable
Stamp Duty 0.1% of gross value Min. HKD $1.00
(HKD $1,000.00 per unit)
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of gross value Paid to SFC
Trading Fee 0.005% of gross value Paid to HKEx
Clearing Fee 0.002% of gross value Min. HKD $2.00, Max. HKD $100.00

Nominee Settlement Service Charges: Negotiable

Other Services


Handling Fee
Cash/Scrip Dividend Collection (Local Stock)

Cash/Scrip Dividend Collection (China Stock)

0.5% of Total Dividend Amount (Min. HKD $20.00)

2% of Total Dividend Amount (Min. CNY $50.00)

Bonus Collection/Bonus Warrant Collection HKD $30.00
Dividend Claim HKD $400.00/Stock (HKD $200.00 is collected by HK Clearing)
Rights Subscription HKD $500.00
Warrant / Covered Warrant Conversion HKD $50.00
Accept Cash Offer HKD $50.00
IPO Application HKD $100.00
Duplicate Copy of Statement
Within 3 months
Beyond 3 Months

HKD $50.00/Set
Interest for Late Payment (Cash Account) P+5%

Above charges are for reference only, there are subject to change without prior notice.