Deposit and Withdrawal

Funds Deposit

Please deposit/transfer the required funds for settlement to the bank accounts listed below. After funds deposit, please write down your Securities trading account name and account number maintained with our company on the pay-in slip and fax or email it to our Settlement Department at:
Fax: (852) 3107 0380
Payee/Beneficiary: MHIS Limited
Bank Accounts
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited HKD                  012-916-0-086469-3
USD & RMB     012-916-9-262740-8

1. If you use online banking, please fill in your account number in the company in “Note” for verification
2. The company does not accept the following sources of funding:
– Transfer or cheque issued by third-party account;
– Transfer or cheque issued by the joint bank accounts of the clients and third-party;
– Cash deposit.
Deposit Verification Procedures:
Step 1: Fax the bank deposit receipt to (852) 3107 0380 / Email to
Step 2: Call (852) 3701 1101 or contact your account manager
Step 3: Confirm reception of relevant receipt

Funds Withdrawal

For withdrawals (withdrawals only to pre-registered bank account), please download, complete, and fax or email the client withdrawal form to our Settlement Department, or contact your account manager, or visit the company in person.
Fax No.: (852) 3107 0380
Tel. No.: (852) 3701 1101

1. Withdrawals proposed before 11:30a.m. : The company will deposit the money into your bank account with the same name as registered.
2. Withdrawals proposed after 11:30a.m. : The company will process them the next business day.
3. The bank account provided by client must be held under his own name. The company does not accept deposit request into a third party bank account.